Where is testing performed?

Testing is performed at Invitae in San Francisco, California. Invitae is CLIA certified and CAP accredited.

What is the analytical sensitivity and specificity?

> 99.99%

What does Sequenca Genetics provide?

We provide end to end management of the test including provision of test kits, FedEx packaging and documentation, sample transportation and tracking, result receipt and provision, and direct liaison with Invitae as required.

Why should my patients pay for the test?

They might not have to.  Genetic counselling and BRCA testing for New Zealand patients is publicly funded provided they meet eligibility criteria set down by the New Zealand Genetic Health Service.  However you may have a patient in whom you think testing is indicated but who does not meet eligibility criteria for funded testing.  You or your patient may wish to know their BRCA status.

How much does the test cost?

Consultation Administration Logistics and Shipping fee: $NZD $395

Test fee: $USD 250

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