Order a test

Order test kits from info@sequenca.nz.  We provide all materials including instructions, shipper box, test kits, FedEx transportation pack and completed documentation.

Make sure consent and requisition forms are downloaded and completed. Please scan (info@sequenca.nz) or fax (09 524 7669) completed forms to Sequenca Genetics for our data entry before packaging and sending test.

Ideally have your patient complete the test at your rooms at the time of consultation.  If this is not possible (smoking, eating or chewing gum in last 30 minutes), provide your patient with a kit and ask them to return to your rooms when completed.

Note: Kits will only be provided to registered medical practitioners and genetic counsellors.

Sequenca Genetics will track the sample and monitor the result, which we will provide to you in approximately 3 weeks

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