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Precision Health Aotearoa

Precision Health Aotearoa holds clinics in Auckland and offers telemedicine (voice or video calling) familial cancer risk assessment and genetic counselling throughout New Zealand and associated territories.

We provide information, education, counselling and genetic testing, in partnership with Sequenca Genetics. We can work with you, your family and your doctors, to help you understand complex genetic information and help you make informed decisions.

Individuals with a personal or family history or cancer may benefit from familial (hereditary) cancer assessment. We can work with you to better understand:

  • Your genetic risks based on your family history
  • Your genetic risks for certain cancers
  • Whether genetic testing might be right for you
  • What the results of genetic tests mean for you and your family


We can also provide emotional support as you and your family make decisions and empower you with information for your overall healthcare.

Familial Cancer Assessment

10-15% (roughly one in ten) of most cancers are associated with genetic variation (mutations) that the affected individual is born with. These are often inherited, though some seemingly sporadic cancers are associated with new mutations. Since the presence of these mutations greatly increases an individual's risk for cancer, identifying the mutation can improve the odds of survival by enabling earlier detection or in some cases allows an individual to undertake preventative measures. Testing negative for a known family mutation is valuable information as an individual can be confident that they did not inherit the mutation and that their risk of cancer is likely to be average.


For further information, please contact info@precisionhealth.org.nz.

Familial Cancer

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